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Clash Royale Update Live Today! Buffs, Nerfs, And What To Expect

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Clash Royale Update

Finally, Supercell?s highly anticipated Clash Royale update is arriving today. From fixing some of the known bugs and issues to making significant balancing changes, the Clash Royale update will modify the gameplay experience in many ways.

This month, Supercell will focus on bringing some improvements in the tournaments. According to the company, fans can expect big changes in tournaments, and this will be an ongoing process. It means that the changes would not stop with today?s Clash Royale update; Supercell will continue to bring more.

Supercell is also making the Legendary cards more valuable. With tweaks and balancing changes in the cards, the company is making sure that the cards are more obtainable.

Buffs & Nerfs

The developer revealed that they have analysed the data and gameplay patterns to bring these changes. Since it ?s obvious that very few players use Lightning, Rage or Mirror spells, fans can expect buffs that will reduce their cost.

Another major change detailed by Supercell is the Giant and Bomber troops nerf. ?The company has reduced the damage by 5 percent. The cost of Rage: Elixir has also been decreased in this update.

Supercell has not revealed all the changes coming with the Clash Royale update for this month. The company is also making small tweaks to enhance the way cards are used in the game. According to Supercell, some minor changes in bombers are required to make them more consistent with the cards. To achieve this, the company has decreased their hit points by 2 percent and has increased the damage by 2 percent.

Players on the game?s official forum are sharing mixed views about the Clash Royale update. Supercell has already said that the update is not meant for everyone and may also disappoint some players. However, the long-term franchise fans are happy with the fact that the company is working on the fixes. Soon their favourite mobile game will be delivering more gameplay fun.

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