Clash Royale Update: Jungle Arena And Three New Units Revealed In New Leak

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Clash Royale Electro Wizard
Clash Royale Electro Wizard

Big things are set for Supercell?s Clash Royale as there is a new arena coming to the game pretty soon. Along with the new arena are new units that players are very excited to see. Redditor Zjjc123 shared a new leak that reveals the upcoming units. It also reveals what the Jungle Arena in the Clash Royale update will look like.

Jungle Arena Texture Files

The Redditor starts off by revealing the texture files for the arena. True to its name, the Jungle Arena will be based on a jungle with items like trees, Aztec towers and many more. The Jungle Arena will come before the Legendary Arena, so it will take a while before players can get their hands on the new cards.

New Units

In the leak, there are three new units that players should expect: the Axe Man, Blowdart Goblins and a Battle Ram. The Clash Royale update will be bringing in the new units and it?ll be pretty interesting to see how the new cards will affect players? strategies in the game.

The Battle Ram is a unit that?s a mix of Sparky and the Prince. It could deal huge damage as it?s charging towards the tower, but it might take a while before the unit fully speeds up. Additionally, when the Ram is destroyed, it will be followed up by four Barbarians.

The other new card, Blowdart Goblin, is another Goblin troop that we?re about to see. Like other Goblin units, the Blowdart Goblin will is speedy and quick, with the ability to dish out an average amount of damage.

The last card is the Axe Man. It?s an Epic Card that could deal massive damage from a distance. Since it?s an Epic Card, we can expect the Axe Man to deal a lot more damage.

What’s not in the leak however is another upcoming card called the Goblin Gang. This card will allow players to spawn 3 Goblins and 3 Spear Goblins at the same time.

All we have to do now is wait for the anticipated Clash Royale update.?Stay tuned to The BitBag for the latest gaming news.?

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