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Clash Royale Update: Balancing Changes To Spells And Troops On August 24

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Clash Royale Update

Supercell has announced what?s coming in their upcoming Clash Royale update for August. The new update will bring many balancing changes, and the company suggests for fans to expect more changes each month. In the upcoming update which is arriving on August 24, Supercell focused on balancing changes for spell cards and troops.

The announcement comes from the official blog of Supercell. The game developer revealed that it is working on a Clash Royale update. Focused on giving tweaks to troops, the update might have some major impact on your gameplay.

The Royale Giant hit speed was decreased to 1.7 seconds in the update. Zap had its stun duration decreased to 0.5 seconds. Another Spell Princess saw a decrease of 25 percent in area damage radius, as the studio apparently wanted it to be less reliable.

Other spell cards and troops have also seen major changes. Ice Wizard is not that strong anymore as its hit points were decreased by 5 percent.

The company also addressed the deploy time change issues fans have been facing in the game. For this month?s update, the developer confirmed that the deploy time for miners has been increased to 1 second which is 0.7 second earlier. Miners also had a hit point decrease by 6 percent.

The Baby Dragon will now become more reliable as it will feature quick attacks. Supercell has increased its hit speed to 1.6 seconds.

The much awaited changes to Bowlers is also coming with the next Clash Royale update. For Bowlers, the developer has decreased Elixir cost to 5. It also decreased the hit points and damage by 7 and 110 percent, respectively, to compensate fans for the major change.

The new Clash Royale update also decreased hit and death damage by 5 percent for Golems, while it increased the hit points by 1 percent. Meanwhile, PEKKA will now be more powerful with an increase of 5 percent in damage. Archers and Prince also got damage increase by 2 percent.

All these balancing changes will take effect starting August 24, as the company is bringing the update on the said date.

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