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Clash Royale Update: Balancing Changes Leaked? [Rumor]

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Clash Royale Update

A major Clash Royale update is coming and the balancing changes were allegedly leaked online. The source from where the leak came suggests that the balancing update will go live within a week or two. According to the leaked details, the game will undergo some significant balancing changes.

There are several new cards coming in the next few weeks, and it is possible that a balancing update will arrive prior to this launch. If the leaked information is something to go by, the changes will heavily affect the meta of the game. Here?s the leaked details on the next Clash Royale update.

Leaked?Balancing Changes?

The details were first reported by?OpeGit, saying that the leak comes from a tested reliable source. The details were translated by fans on Reddit.

According to the details, the attack speed of Bomber will be reduced to 1.8, while the Baby Dragon will see a decrease in speed (now 1.5) and damage (5%). ?Skeleton counts will be increased to 4 which was previously 3. The radius of the Bomb Tower will also be increased to 6.5 tiles.

Additionally, the dropped bomb will explode faster for the Giant Skeleton as the speed has been decreased by two seconds. The Balloon health has been increased by 5 percent, and for the Inferno Tower, the charge time was increased to 1.6 seconds. The Poison spell will now cause more damage as the damage has been increased by 15 percent, which is undoubtedly a significant change.

Graveyard will now create more skeletons as the rate has been increased by 30 percent, but the range has been reduced to four tiles. Attack speed for Sparky is reduced by 10 percent and its health is also reduced by 5 percent. With the next Clash Royale update, the Dark Prince?s shield health will be increased by 30 percent.


Opegit later said that the information they got was fake. Apparently, the information they obtained was from someone making a wishlist of changes they wanted to have.

Supercell has not confirmed anything regarding the balancing changes coming in the next Clash Royale update, so it is better to take these information with a grain of salt. For the latest gaming news, keep it right here on TheBitBag.

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