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Clash Royale Tournaments Frustrates Fans

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Supercell recently introduced Tournaments in the Clash Royale update. The company has been pushing many updates to add more competitiveness to the game. The recently introduced Tournaments allow the mobile game players to fight against each other and win rewards, but the new addition has been frustrating fans. The fans have started complaining and highlighted some of the reasons why they are not happy with the Tournaments.

It seems that the recently introduced tournaments are disappointing fans. Some players on Reddit said that they are not happy with the new changes. According to the players, setting up a tournament costs too much, and on top of that, they fill up too fast. Player Or1gin91 wrote that most tournaments fill up in less than 10 seconds. Therefore, those who wait for 10 minutes to join the tournament will end up joining a crowded one.

This is not the only thing that causes frustration among fans. Tournament hosts get nothing even after paying over 500 gems, unless they get a chest. Clash Royale tournaments are also a little unorganized as the only players who get rewards are the ones who remain active in battles all the time. The 50-player tournaments are reportedly completely a mess because gamers are not enjoying them to the fullest and they?re time-consuming as well.

In line with this, fans have suggested some changes that Supercell should consider in the game. Fans suggest that the developer should limit the number of matches a gamer can play in a tournament. There should be an elimination strategy that kicks out players who lose a certain number of matches. Fans also want a cooldown period after the matches. Lastly, according to fans, the cost is the biggest issue in the game?s tournaments, and Supercell must reduce it.

Supercell has not released any official statement regarding the issues fans have been facing in the new addition in Clash Royale. The developer has been consistently improving the gameplay experience by releasing various updates since the game?s launch, so it is possible that the developer may address these issues as well in the future.

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