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Clash Royale

Earlier this year, the makers of Clash of Clans, Supercell, launched a MOBA game called Clash Royale. The company has been teasing the Clash Royale Tournament Mode, and finally it has revealed new details about the mode. On its official blog, the company shared a list of features and how the tournament mode will work.

Previously, Supercell announced the Clash Royale tournament rules. According to the new details shared by the studio, the tournament mode will help new players get a grip on the gameplay by introducing tournament unlocks. Based on their skills and expertise, players will be able to unlock them depending on the Tournament Rules. According to the developer, it will help new players achieve exciting short or midterm goals. All the tournaments will be playable using the Tournament Rules.

Supercell said that the core element behind the game?s design is the locations, and the idea of organizing local ad-hoc tournaments depends on the locations which makes the game more exciting. Each Clash Royale tournament will feature a location based on the player?s geography. Players can enable or disable the location. Enabling the location access will enhance the precision, Supercell added. The tournament mode will feature more spectators and quick matchmaking.

Supercell states that when players unlock the proximity feature, they can join the battles online. According to the developer, they faced difficulties in requiring the players to appear online exactly at the time of the match. To eliminate the issue, Supercell is introducing a closed matchmaking system that features individual leaderboard and matchmaking pool for the tournament.

The developer has been improving the game since launch and the new leaderboard system will look like the global leaderboard as the studio wanted to make it easy to understand for players. The leaderboard also works perfectly in big tournaments. In another update, the developer revealed that players won?t need to leave their clan to join the tournament.

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