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Clash Royale Tornado Card Going Live Soon! Tips And What You Should Know

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A new card will be available?soon in Clash Royale, and players are going to have access to the Tornado Epic card. With a new card coming every two weeks, Supercell is kicking off the content update with a pretty decent Spell card. Here?s everything we need to know about the Clash Royale Tornado card.

Arena And Special Offer

The Clash Royale Tornado card will be available at Arena 6 or at the Builder?s Workshop. The card has an Epic rarity, so players may have to wait a while before they get their hands on it. However, once it launches, Supercell is offering players a chance to buy the Tornado card at the store. For 400 Gems, players can buy a stack of 10 Tornado cards. This assures that the card will be leveled up to level 3. Hopefully, Supercell has the same offer for the other upcoming cards.

Tornado Basics And Tips

The Tornado card is a good Spell card that can jumble up troops. If played, it will draw any enemy units into the middle of the card while dealing damage. Levelling up the card will not increase its duration but its damage only.

The Tornado will pull both air and ground units. What?s good about the Tornado card is that it will pull all units, even those that are currently being deployed or those attacking a Tower.

The card doesn?t deal much damage. Level 9 Minions will even survive through the Tornado, but with a small amount of health. The best use of the Tornado card is when multiple troops are attacking. Once at the center, players could throw in a Fireball for extra damage.

The new card is better for setting up major damage with cards like the Rocket or Log. And since it doesn?t deal damage to Towers, players can also use it to redirect enemy troops without activating the King?s Tower.



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