Clash Royale September Update: Two New Chests; New Tournament Modes May Have A Bug

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Clash Royale September
Clash Royale September

Clash Royale still has a hefty amount of players because they constantly update. On Sept. 19, Supercell, makers of the game, sent out a Clash Royale September update that got everyone excited.

With Supercell continuously updating its game, more and more people have become avid players. However, the recent update may not be in the best interest of everyone. Some people are excited about the new cards that will be released every two weeks. The new cards are very interesting as the developers have added two new rare and legendary cards. However, many know that it is difficult to even find a legendary card.

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New ?Treasure? Chest

As legendary cards are difficult to come by, Supercell updated its chests. The game now offers two new chests, the epic chest and legendary chest. If you have not seen the cost of these new chests, it will shock you as they cost an arm and a leg. The epic chest comes in at 10,000 gold coins while the legendary chest costs 500 gems, which is the premium currency. However, the good news is that it can be dropped at any normal battle you win. So beyond the possibility of receiving a silver, gold, giant, magical, super magical chests, you will also the two new possibilities with the new chests. As the chests? names entail, the Legendary Chest will contain at least one legendary card from any arena. The epic chest will contain only epic cards. This is good news if you are lucky!

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New Tournament Modes

Before the update, there was only one tournament mode. With the new update, there are now two: Challenges and Custom. Custom is the original tournament mode where players with gems would make tournaments and others would join. Challenges is the new mode wherein players can enter two Challenge modes, Classic and Grand, but it costs quite a sum of in-game currency. In the Classic Challenge, you will need 10 Gems to enter. After defeating 12 players, without losing three times, you will get 2000 Gold and 100 cards. In the Grand Challenge, you will need 100 Gems to enter. The mechanics are the same but the prize is much higher with 22,000 Gold at stake with 1,100 cards. The Challenges mode though is only available for players level 8 and above.

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If you were saving up your gems to reach 500 to set up a tournament for the first time, you may be in for a little disappointment. The update has lessened the Gem reward to 100 instead of 500. However, they also update that to start a tournament it will just cost 100. Do not worry as you will have guaranteed prizes as well. With the Grand challenge, you will be guaranteed 1,400 gold with 20 cards, two of which are rare. With the Classic challenge, you are guaranteed 130 Gold and 2 common cards.

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If you are one of the lurkers who spam the search button in hopes of joining a tournament, there may be a bug in the update. One of TheBitBag team members say that the bug may be due to Supercell wanting players to use the Challenges mode of the tournament. However, it is unsure or uncertain when and if the search feature will be fixed. Currently, if a player searches, the page will just have a white circle moving around indicating it continues to load. However, nothing appears.

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