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Clash Royale September Update Badly Needed As Bugs Plague The Game

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clash royale november
clash royale november

The Clash Royale September update release is now very important because the game is currently plagued with bugs. Supercell understands that fans are not happy with the current gameplay, but more than improving this aspect, the mobile game developer needs to fix all existing issues as soon as possible.

Players have listed some of the major problems with the Clash Royale game. There are several problems fans have already shared on multiple social media channels, but some of them need immediate attention.

Bugs Clash Royale September Update Should Fix

Wrong card dropping is one of the major issues that need to be fixed with the Clash Royale September update. Players report that sometimes when they drop a card in the battle field, the card they choose gets replaced by its adjacent one.

Some players report that the tournament chest timer gets automatic reset issues. Players have reported this bug and Supercell should fix it in the upcoming Clash Royale update. Another issue bothering fans is the mail box. According to some players, even if they have no unread message in the mailbox, the number indicator still shows some unread messages and clan mails.

The sequence of mails should also be improved because for many players, the new messages appear at random places in the message/mail row. Players demand that this problem should be fixed and the most recent messages should appear at the top.

Fans also report that there are some problems with troop placement and the ranged Mini Pekka. The Mini Pekka can still hit the hog rider even from 3 cells. Supercell has already confirmed that the update will address many issues and they will be making balancing changes to the game. Now, when the problems are spoiling the gameplay experience for many players, fans want the update to arrive soon. Some predict that September 20 will be the launch date of the Clash Royale update.

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