Clash Royale Mega Minion Update: New Cards Leaked And How To Use Mega Minion!

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Clash Royale Mega Minion
Clash Royale Mega Minion

Every Clash Royale fan have a love and hate relationship with the game. However, the new Clash Royale Mega Minion?update will give more to love than hate this time around.

Every two weeks or every month, Supercell, developers of Clash Royale and Clash of Clans, bring a new exciting update for everyone to enjoy. On Sept. 19, a new card balance change was brought before the players with the addition of four new cards. The first card will be released in just a matter of hours, on Sept. 20.

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New Card Balance Changes

According to the Clash Royale blog and the player?s inbox, you will see a message that update you on the card balances. Recently, the Giant card has been used greatly by players for its strong attack. However, the damage will be decreased by 5%. Lucky players who were able to get their hands on a Lumberjack must know about its Rage. The Lumberjack?s Rage effect is now decreased from 40% to 30% while the duration decreased by 2 seconds.

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Furthermore, the Mirror now mirrors cards to 1 level higher than its own level. This means that if the Mirror card is level 2, then the mirrored card will only be level 3. This is a big difference from before. The Lightning card now has the stun effect like Zap, which stuns targets for 0.5 seconds. The Log now knocks back ALL ground troops. The Bomber?s HP is decreased by 2% with damage increased by 2%.

These changes do not seem much. However, they still make a huge difference in gameplay.

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New Cards Leaked

Everyone who plays Clash Royale cannot wait to get their hands on the new cards. As two new rare cards and two new legendary cards are to be introduced, many may wonder what they are. The Mega Minion is the first card to be released. It will be released on Sept. 20. Players can click on the card to see the stats of the new card. It can be seen that this could be a strong card, if played correctly. Many players will surely be able to find this new card when it is released. Learn how to use it by watching the video below.

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Besides the Mega Minion, three others cards are also to be introduced with one card to be released every two weeks. Players can expect the next card to be released on Oct. 4. Although the three cards are not shown, there has been some leaked information to reveal the new cards. The remaining rare card to be released is predicted to be an Ice Golem. The two legendary cards are predicted to be an Inferno Dragon and a Graveyard card, according to an image from Reddit.

What card are you waiting to see? Drop a comment below to let TheBitBag team know! Stay tuned for more updates!

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