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Clash Royale: Why Supercell Should Introduce A Legendary Shop

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Upon reaching the far reaches of the Trophy count in Supercell?s Clash Royale, there?s not much players can do aside from battling to get a chance at more cards. After a time, the task seems boring and the rewards don?t seem worth the sacrifice. One Redditor shared his idea of a Legendary Shop that could satisfy the needs of end-game players and what they could do with Legendary trophies.

Making Use Of Legendary Trophies

Supercell could treat Legendary Trophies as a form of a currency in the game. This would push players to do their best to get into the big leagues in the game. For now, Legendary Trophies serve only as a way to see how good the player is doing. ?Aside from that, Legendary Trophies serve no other purpose aside from being used as bragging rights.

The idea of Jodex_Player is that Supercell should introduce a Card Shop that will only take in Legendary Trophies as currency. In the Legendary Shop, players will be given access to an array of amazing items that are exclusive to that shop only.

One of the things that players could buy as per the suggestion of the Redditor is a free pass to the Grand Challenge that usually costs 100 Gems. It?s a pretty good deal considering how expensive a Grand Challenge entry is.

Card Skins

Another good item Supercell could add in the shop are skins for the cards in the game. Skins are not yet part of Clash Royale, but Supercell should really look into adding the feature so that players will have more diversity with each other.

Lastly, the Redditor suggests that players can buy any Legendary Card they want in the shop using Legendary Trophies. Legendary Cards are really hard to come around, and it takes a lot of luck to actually get one. It would be nice if players can get a Legendary Card without having to spend a ton of Gems.

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