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Clash Royale Legendary Arena: Tips To Reach The Final Arena

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Clash Royale Legendary Arena
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It has been a year since Clash Royale hit the play stores across the globe. Since then, gamers have been wanting to know how they can reach the top tier called Legendary Arena. To their dismay, details about the matter are hard to find. On a good note, top players have already shared how others can reach the final tier.

First thing to know is that you will need 3,800 trophies to reach the Legendary Arena. Obviously, that is extremely high considering how hard it is to earn those. Plus, the changes Supercell did in the matchmaking system has made collecting trophies even harder. Luckily, popular players like Yarn, Molt, and Nick have shared some tips about the arena and how to get there. Here are their insights as listed by iTechPost.

  • Know The Popular Cards

One important thing every gamer should do is to familiarize themselves with cards on each tier. By knowing how to use them and what cards would go hand-in-hand with each other will definitely help you get to the top. But, that would not be enough. You should also know what cards can counter specific cards. According to iTechPost, the best way to know those cards is to watch Supercell’s TV Royale or other competitive players in YouTube.

  • Upgrade Your Cards

Aside from knowing your deck of cards, it is also very crucial for you to upgrade them. Most cards should meet certain standard to be more effective against other players in a tournament. But, keep in mind as well that one should be really wise in spending their golds on upgrading their cards. It would be best if a player prioritizes the cards he uses frequently.

Legendary Arena
  • Be A Guild Member

Another way of improving your efficiency in Clash Royale is by joining a guild. There you can enhance a number of techniques and moves with your allies through the Friendly Battle. This strategy will as well help you in deciding which cards would best fit your deck and which ones would help you deliver your strategy perfectly.

  • Watch And Learn

Lastly, one should really consider watching great players on live streams. Through observing, you can learn a lot of things like tactics and proper use of cards. iTechPost again insisted that gamers should watch TV Royale and YouTube Clash Royale clips to know more about techniques.

There you have it! Some tips for gamers on how they can reach the Legendary Arena in Clash Royale. How about you? Do you have any other tips for players out there? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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