Clash Royale & Clash Of Clans: Why Are Supercell’s Games Successful?

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Supercell seems to be following a pattern when it comes to its games. First, there was Clash of Clans, which is Supercell’s MMO strategy game for mobile phones. Now Clash Royale, the latest entry in the Supercell family, is outdoing other strategy games out there.

The secret behind Supercell?s successful games is the formula and approach the developer applies to the development of each game. What did Supercell do with Hay Day, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale that made them highly successful?

Supercell took a social game theme and then looked at existing titles in the genre. Supercell followed up by developing the game around their core idea. The developer also added twists and delivered an improved game that features eye-catching graphics and attractive design. Supercell also runs beta sessions to get feedback for game polishing, and once the game is ready, the studio brings it to Android and iOS stores.

According to Supercell?s Jonathan Dower, the company doesn?t hesitate to kill the games they?ve planned and even started working on. Dower shared (via Gamasutra) that of the last 10 games they came up with, the studio has dropped the seven when the games were at the prototype stage. Two of those games were dropped when the company was planning their soft launch, and finally one of them, Clash Royale, launched globally.

The success Supercell?s games is experiencing so far is also because they test the games themselves to ensure that players would enjoy them. Timing has also been important in the success of the company.

“They entered the market at the perfect moment. When they launched, you didn’t need as much money to build and market a product,? said David Gardner, general partner at London Venture Partners, as quoted by Wired.

Supercell was founded in 2010, and their first game was Gunshine. The company has delivered several games, four of which are still being supported by the developer. The company started with a browser-based MMORPG, and now it has become a leading mobile game developer with a huge fan base due to its highly popular game Clash of Clans and the newest title, Clash Royale.

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