Clash Royale, Clash of Clans News: ClashCon 2016 Location Leaked?

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Are you planning a visit to ClashCon this year? Then you might want to start looking for cheap flights to Los Angeles right now. Though still unconfirmed, it appears Supercell may have accidentally revealed the location for their second annual gathering of all things Clash of Clans during a recently concluded Clash Royale tournament in Shanghai.

ClashCon Comes to Los Angeles in November

The news comes from?Clash with Ash, a noted figure within the franchise?s community. On Wednesday, he posted a screenshot from the Clash Royale tournament?s livestream. The image indicates that the convention will take place in Los Angeles, California in November. The timing does align with the dates of last year?s maiden ClashCon in Helsinki.

It is still early, so we don?t really know what Supercell has planned for this year. Last year?s convention garnered mixed reviews from most fans who were expecting bigger announcements than what was eventually revealed. ClashCon 2015 saw the reveal of new features lik Town Hall 11 and the Grand Warden Hero, but the eight-hour livestream was overall pretty overwhelming.

Over on AppTrigger, some fans have already begun suggesting ideas to improve this year?s convention. The most popular ideas include:

  • The reveal of a new game mode, playable at the event itself.
  • Discussion panel with game developers about what their plans are for the year to come.
  • Tournaments featuring some of the top YouTubers and/or war clans.
  • Content that is released to the public at the start of the event.

There?s still a few more months to go, so hopefully we can get a better idea of what SuperCell wants to do with ClashCon 2016. What are your bets? What would you like to see from Clash of Clans and Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below and stay tuned here on TheBItbag for more updates.

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