Clash Royale Cheats: How To Join A Tournament With A 100% Success Rate

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Clash Royale cheats
Clash Royale cheats

The game has been receiving constant updates. However, the recent Clash Royale tournament update has made it more difficult to join tournaments. Get to know quick Clash Royale cheats to join a tournament.

Supercell, makers of Clash Royale, has recently updated the game. There were several new changes that include?disabling emotes, new legendary and rare cards, and the biggest update, two tournament modes. Before the update rolled out, there was only one tournament mode. There was a tab with the word tournament that shows you a list of tournaments based on location. However, that feature has been removed to make way for the new tournament mode: Challenges Mode. Now the previous mode is called Custom.

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Before and after the update

Before the Custom mode even came into light, tournaments were difficult to join. Usually, most of the tournaments were full. However, if you ?spam? or keep pressing the search or magnifying glass icon, you will be able to get new lists of tournaments going on. This leads to a higher possibility of joining one of those tournaments. However, since the update that rolled out on Sept. 24, one can no longer spam the search button. TheBitBag team will show you how to join a tournament.

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For now, most of the tournaments will have passwords, but you can easily skip those.

How To Join A Clash Royale tournament

  1. Open the Clash Royale app.
  2. Go to the tournament tab.?images
  3. Choose Custom.?crop-custom
  4. At first, you will be shown a list of the tournaments you or your teammates have created. These can be joined automatically even if there is a password.?
  5. If there are no tournaments held by you and your teammates, go to the Search crop-search button.
  6. Type a random letter. In this case, ?L? was used. The list contains all tournaments protected with passwords. However, at the very end, there is a tournament that is open. If it is full, you can search for other letters or words. Choose the tournaments that have open slots and join.


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What to do next

There you have it. This will ensure that you will be able to join a tournament with a 100% success rate. The method can be used to win cards and prizes in the game. However, if you are looking for a worthy opponent to use a new deck, this could be the chance to do that as well. You can also leave and join a tournament any time.

However, if the tournament is finished and you have won something, the chest will unlock after four hours. On the other hand, if the tournament has not yet ended and you decided to leave the tournament, all progress will be lost.

Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more Clash Royale Tournament tips!

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