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Clash Royale Cheat Guide: Tips to Help You Maximize the New Clone Spell

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Clash Royale Cheat

Clash Royale is definitely one of the most popular mobile games in the world today. Following in the footsteps of Clash of Clans, the card-based multiplayer game became a massive hit for both Android and iOS users. This is the reason why there are countless people trying to search for any Clash Royale cheat that they could use to have an advantage in the game.

New Clone Spell

Supercell, the developers behind Clash Royale, has recently added a new and exciting spell called Clone. Just like what it says, the spell can clone units and the great thing about it is that the cloned units do not have a clone time.

Being able to maximize the Clone spell though is a lot tougher than it appears. To help the countless Clash Royale players out, here are just a few handy little tips that you can try to guide you in effectively using the new Clone technique.

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Clash Royale Clone Tips

  • Be careful as to when you will use Clone ? According to Touch Arcade, when you clone a unit, the latter would stop moving or attacking. The charges are reset as well. That is why one tip that you should remember is to use the right timing whenever you would want to clone your units. This way, you will not be at a disadvantage when engaging in battle.

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  • Carefully choose the position of the units to be Cloned ? The cloned units will always spawn to the right of the original unit. That is why one tip that you should keep in mind is to position the original units to be cloned properly. You can incorporate the unit?s position in your strategy to help you get the results you desire.
  • Clone frozen units ? Another helpful tidbit that you should know about the Clone spell is that if you clone a frozen unit, it will not be frozen anymore. This is very helpful information as you can easily use the spell to unfreeze the units you want.

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So, are you excited to try out these tips to help you maximize the Clone spell? Be sure to check back here soon for more news and Clash Royale cheats as well as other tips to help you dominate the game.

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