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Clash Royale Challenge Mode: Workaround For Better Matchmaking

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Clash Royale September
Clash Royale September

The new Challenge Mode in Clash Royale can bag players a lot of Gold, Epic and Rare Cards. However, the rewards come at a cost of a lot of Gems and tough challenges. Beating tough opponent is no walk in the park, but getting the bad end of a big mismatch is more difficult. Luckily, a player has found a workaround to the troublesome matchmaking of the Clash Royale Challenge Mode.

If it was any other Clash Royale match, the best workaround to a mismatch is by dropping a few trophies. Since the Challenge Mode doesn?t count trophies as the bracket for matchmaking, going down a few levels won?t work.

According to AsianGamerMC, the Clash Royale Challenge Mode has a pretty simple system. The better the player does, the tougher his opponents get. The goal in Challenge Mode is to have 12 wins, but if the enemies get progressively tougher, it?s come to a point where the players are greatly overwhelmed by an opponent.

The Redditor came up with a solution to the terrible matchmaking of the Clash Royale Challenge Mode, but it comes with the price of a few more gems.

The Matchmaking Workaround

The Redditor details his method in a few steps:

  • Lose six matches for 20 gems in classic challenge
  • Play a grand challenge and get a much easier 12-2 challenge
  • Lose 15 matches (50 gems worth) in classic challenge to get a net game negative of -5
  • Play another easy Grand Challenge

This method will come at a costly price of gems. However, if players do manage to bag 12 wins in the Grand Challenge, then they?ll be getting guaranteed Epics, Rares and a ton of Gold. Supercell should address the matchmaking issue pretty soon as a lot of unexpecting players are basically wasting gems only to be mismatched with an overpowered player.

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