Clash Royale Card Release: How To Use Tornado Card [Watch]

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Clash Royale Card Release
Clash Royale Card Release

Another Clash Royale card release has given its players another thing to look out for. Find out how to use this card!

Previously, TheBitBag sent out an update on the new cards to look out for. There are going to be a total of four new cards and the first one has been released. The first card is called Tornado. It is a epic card. The next on to be released will be the Elite Barbarians card, which is a common card. Currently, the Tornado card is up on sale at the Card Shop of the Clash Royale in-game shop. It is being offered at 400 gems, which is the premium game currency, and you will be able to get 10 Tornado cards. This should get the user at least up to level three of epicness.

Card stats

For a level one Tornado card, it will deal 44 damage per second. It targets troops and has a 3 second duration with a 5 tile radius. The 5-tile radius is impressive as it can scoop up a huge army. At its release, it uses up only 3 elixirs. However, depending on the card balancing updates, elixir usage could be added or lessened.

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How to use the Tornado card

This card is used to drag enemy troops to the center of the tornado that will deal damage over time. Although it doesn?t affect buildings, this card can be released in the middle of the arena. In turn, the troops will be sucked into the middle of the Tornado. This means that troops will have to again make their way to the tower. The amazing part about this card is that it is a spell card. This means that the opponent can not do anything to deal damage to it. The Tornado card may become one of the most used cards in the game. Furthermore, it can be annoying if you or your opponent will be using this card. Check out how to use the Tornado card against different cards below.

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This card can be unlocked starting Arena 6 and above. Although it can only deal moderate damage, it does have a very big range, as mentioned earlier. While the Tornado does carry opposing troops, they are still able to attack, so be wary of where you place it. When at level 1, this card can deal 44 damage per second. At level 2, it can deal 48 damage per second. At its highest possible level, which is level 8 for epic cards, it will be able to deal 84 damage per second.

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The Tornado card can pull all units, both air and ground. It does not matter how big or heavy the unit is, it will still pull it. However, it cannot kill anything stronger than the Goblins. One thing to note though is that this card cannot pull ground troops over the river. It can, however, bring over flying troops over the river. Overall, this card is going to be a very strong card and will bring in great advantages when used.

Do you have this card yet? Let us know if you were able to receive it or buy it. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more Clash Royale updates!

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