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Clash Royale August Update Leaked? Mini Pekka Nerf And More Balancing Changes Revealed

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Clash Royale August Update

Fans are claiming that the Clash Royale August update was leaked online. According to fans, the August update will bring some balancing changes to the game. Players have been demanding a Mini Pekka nerf because of its higher damage and appearance rate. The leaked details suggest that Supercell will soon announce these changes for the game.

On its official website, game developer Supercell suggested that a new Clash Royale update is on the way. The August update will likely include balancing changes and improvements in tournaments. Additionally, the update will make the legendary cards more obtainable and will also introduce some new cards. There will also be balancing changes. The developer also suggested that there will be more additions in the Clash Royale August update.

As the developer has confirmed that an update is coming, people on social media platforms including Twitter have started speculating on it. Some users have also leaked images of the August update, which suggest many balancing changes in the game.

The update is expected to hit mobile devices on August 8. According to reports, the health of the Knight would be increased by 4 percent, while the Mini Pekka would receive a health decrease by 7 percent. Giants and Barbarians will see a cut in health by 9 percent and 4 percent, respectively.

If the leaked Clash Royale August update details are something to go by, Supercell will also make changes in damage rate this month. Miners will see damage reduction of 3 percent, while the damage rate of Bowlers will be increased by 3 percent.

The changes Supercell is apparently making in Mini Pekka are aimed to enhance the strength of Knights. The balancing update description reportedly suggests that Supercell is planning to ensure better appearance for Knights in low level and high level arena. Supercell has not confirmed whether the leaked details are correct or not, but it has been confirmed that the company is working on new updates.

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