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Clash Of Clans For Windows 10 Mobile Still Unplanned By Supercell, Only A Publicity Stunt?

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The popular mobile game Clash of Clans (CoC) might not be that famous after all. Though Clash of Clans has become one of the largest mobile games for Android and iOS users, Finnish developer Supercell still has no plans on releasing the game to Microsoft?s latest mobile platform – Windows 10, according to Windows Central.

The confirmation that Supercell does not have any plans on bringing the game to the Windows 10 mobile platform came from a Tweet from Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen. According to the report, a fan asked the CEO if the company has any plans on releasing the game to Windows 10 mobile and Paananen directly answered: ?No plans at the moment unfortunately.?

The very popular Clash of Clans was introduced for iOS in 2012 and was later released for Android in 2013. It has become a continuing mobile gaming success and is ?consistently one of the top games, in terms of revenue, in the iOS App Store and Google Play,? Windows Central reported.

Supercell is continuously providing ?more updates for COC as they released a major update last December 2015. They have also released a COC card game for iOS called Clash Royale.

Publicity Stunt?

Supercell?s decision to halt announcements for a Windows 10 mobile release might be a publicity strategy from the developers. Supercell might be waiting for the right time until the Windows 10 mobile platform users are large enough to make the game become profitable.

If we?re looking at any tentative date on Clash of Clans being released in the Windows 10 mobile platform, we might be looking somewhere around mid to late 2016. But if the CEO decides to make CoC fans happy, then we might even see an early 2016 launch.

It?s still too early for Supercell to deny Windows 10 mobile platform users the chance to be able to play CoC, but maybe sometime in the near future, the developers may surprise us and make the game for the mobile platform available, according to WinPhoneMetro.

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