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Clash of Clans Update: Town Hall 11 Redesigned, Lab Lvl 9, Wiz Tower Lvl 9, And More New Content Revealed In The Latest Sneak Peek

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The white Town Hall 11 showcased at ClashCon for the major Clash of Clans update has now received a major redesign and its accompanying structures has now been revealed in the latest sneak peek. Expect a lot of more new things to come as a laboratory level 9 will be released in the major Clash of Clans update along with a higher level Gold and Elixir storage.

Major Clash of Clans Update: Town Hall 11 & Wiz Tower Level 9

The white ancient design of the TH11 shown at ClashCon has now been redesigned with a more stylized red and gray hues. This change in the TH11 design does not influence how the new Wizard Tower lvl 9 looks like. Will the new defense also see a drastic redesign?

Laboratory Level 9

A new laboratory level 9 has been shown in the latest COC sneak peek. Supercell has yet to announce the new?troop upgrades that will be available in the new lab. What else might be Supercell brewing in the new lab?

Level 12 Gold And Elixir Storage

According to Galadon, the new level 12 Gold and Elixir Storage boosts the maximum storage capacity for both resources to 11 million. Both storages will have?a new design at level 12. The Gold storage has a better locking mechanism while the Elixir Storage appears bigger, Galadon said.

?Searching For Opponents?? SFX

Sound effects has now been added when you are searching for opponents to attack. According to Galadon, there will be a sound notification when you have already found a village to attack. There will also be an SFX when you are unable to find a village to attack. The SFX has yet to be revealed.


Supercell still has a week of Sneak Peeks left so expect more new content to be revealed in the coming days especially as laboratory 9 has been revealed. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for the latest Clash of Clans updates. Here are all the sneak peeks Supercell has released so far:

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