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Clash Of Clans Update: Supercell Showcases New Town Hall and Defensive Structure At ClashCon, New Hero Teased

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Developer Supercell fulfilled their promise to announce a big Clash of Clans Update reveal at ClashCon as they showcased the new Town Hall 11 as well as a new ancient looking defense structure that has a range that covers the entire map. A new hero was also teased by Supercell. Here are all the concrete announcements by Supercell about the upcoming major Clash of Clans update.

Town Hall 11: Ancient Technology

According to COC Server Programmer Jonas Collaros, the new Town Hall 11 channels the ancient technology both in visual appearance as well as the gameplay. ?We are going to be taking a very bold direction with Town Hall 11 both in terms of the visual style returning to more ancient technologies mysterious powers that we haven?t seen,? Collaros said. ?But also we are going to be taking very bold steps in the gameplay because Clash is about the gameplay.?

New Ancient Tech Defense

The white and marble-like looking TH11 is accompanied by a new unnamed defensive structure. This new structure was the main highlight of the COC major update reveal.? Many were stunned by its appearance as well as its capability in killing enemy troops as it has a strong attack and its range can cover the entire map.

Unlike other defensive structures, the range shown by clicking the new defense only shows the area it cannot attack. The area it cannot cover is only as big as a wizard tower.

The new defensive structure doesn?t immediately attack enemies as it only activates once a certain amount of enemy troops are deployed on the map. ?This defense here is going to relentlessly hunt down your attacking force after you have deployed your main attack force in the battle,? Collaros said. He did not specify the exact amount of troops needed for it to activate.

Collaros said this new defensive structure will shake the way clashers defend and attack villages. He said players will have to plan a new layout for their base to efficiently use this structure and those on the offensive will have to think of new ways to win their battle.

?This [new defensive structure] is going to present an interesting dilemma to attackers. Do you want to prioritize the new defense with your kill squad? Do you want to try to clear the road to the town hall for a quick and decisive strike?… Your job as an attacker and as a base designer is going to be a lot more interesting with this new key element in the village.?

New Hero

A new unnamed hero was shown at ClashCon. None from the Supercell team detailed the Hero?s appearance and capabilities. It is however interesting to note that the new hero requires Elixirs to unlock it unlike the Barbarian King and Archer Queen which needs Dark Elixir to unlock and upgrade.

You can watch the full ClashCon livestream video below. You can see the Supercell?s Clash of Clans major update announcement around the 25:30 mark. ClashCon is a one-day-event for COC?s third anniversary and it was held at Helsinki, Finland.

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