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Clash of Clans Update: Level 7 Minions And Boosts Time Reduction In The Latest Sneak Peek

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Supercell has now started to showcase offensive upgrades in their Clash of Clans update sneak peek. Yesterday?s Clash of Clans sneak peek from Supercell teased fans with a new laboratory level 9 for Town Hall 11 players and they have now followed it up with a level 7 minions reveal today. Here?s the latest Clash of Clans Update sneak peek.

Clash of Clans Update: Level 7 Minions

Supercell has now demonstrated the capabilities of the new level 7 minions available for TH 11 players. As shown in Galadon?s video below, the level 7 minions were used side-by-side with dragons.

The minions, however, were easily decimated by the new level 9 wizard towers. Take note that the defender?s X-bow wasn?t even activated and the new defense is not yet seen in the defender?s base.

But it seems that the level 7 minion?s ?damage per second? has been well increased as shown in the latter attack where it was used in conjunction with balloons. A single level 7 minion was able to take-down the TH 11 with ease within a few seconds.

Boosts Time Reduction

You will no longer have to spend 10 gems to boost things in the game for two hours. The boost time has now been decreased to one hour and the cost has been halved to 5 gems. This is available for all things that can be boosted in the game:

  • Heroes: Healing Rate
  • Spell Factory: Spell Creation
  • Dark Spell Factory: Brewing Speed
  • Barracks: Training Speed

Supercell only?has a few days left for Clash of Clans sneak peeks but they have yet to showcase the new defense and the new hero. Here are all the sneak peeks from Supercell so far:

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