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Clash of Clans Update: Release Date Unsure, But New Add-ons Will Be Epic!

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Supercell pleased their fans with a Clash of Clans update reveal at ClashCon just this Saturday as they showed the new Town Hall 11, a new laser blasting defensive structure that can protect a clashers? entire village, and a new hero that requires Elixir to unlock. Supercell teased that this Clash of Clans reveal is just a teaser of what the final update will have. The question that lingers on many COC players? minds now is when will the update be released?

Clash of Clans Update Release Date

Supercell announced at ClashCon that they will release sneak peak videos in the coming weeks. Some?have assumed that a mid-November release seems plausible as doing so will allow Supercell to have enough time to properly showcase all their available content in the upcoming update.

For those who remain hopeful that the update will be released earlier, you?ll be disappointed by Supercell?s announcement on their forums. ?Sneak peeks will not start today, neither are we getting the update already next week,? Supercell said as reported by Gamezone.

Other Update Inclusions?

Supercell truly has a chance to make this latest update the biggest one that they have released in years as they promised to bring more content than what they have announced at ClashCon. According to GottaBeMobile, these are some of the rumored COC update inclusions:

Gem Mine: Exists like a regular gold and elixir producer. The Gem Mine will give about one to two gems on a daily basis.

Currently upgrading heroes available in Clan Wars: Your defensive structures such as canons and mortars can still be used during Clan Wars while they are being upgraded, however, you can?t attack with your heroes if you?re upgrading them. The latter?is rumored to be changed in the COC major update.

Loot Donations: Your interaction with Clan members in COC only consists of talking with them on the chat, engaging in Clan Wars, and donating troops. Supercell might enable clashers to donate loot with clan mates.

Other rumored inclusions are the night mode and Clan War tournaments. What else would you want to see in the next update? For the latest news on COC, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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