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Clash of Clans Update: November 2015 Halloween Special To Add Night Time?

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Developer Supercell is teasing a major Clash of Clans update at Clash-Con this October 24, 2015. But what can we expect in the coming months especially in November and December? Supercell provides special updates to COC that jive with the season where they provided cool features for a limited time such as pumpkin bombs and random spawning Christmas trees that drop gifts. Here is the best Halloween special feature that Supercell should implement. (Hat Tip product-Reviews)

Clash of Clans Update For Halloween

Adding a nighttime mode would drastically alter the visual aesthetics of COC, YouTuber Mastersaint suggested. Just imagine how gems would sparkle at nighttime with torchers around to illuminate your structures. The purple light illuminating from wizard towers alone would look magnificent during nighttime. Nighttime mode would provide a great visual departure to the lush and light vibe of the game and it would surely make playing through the game feel like a new experience.

Nighttime mode can also add more difficulty for attacking villages as it can reduce the visibility in the game.? Of course, there might be some who prefer the original look of the game. Supercell can easily fix this by giving players the power to toggle nighttime on or off. Who knows, if numerous players love the look of nighttime, this can be a permanent feature in the game.

Supercell can also implement a dynamic day and night cycle?where the local time zone will be used to determine which setting is used. Just imagine feeling immersed when you play night time at night and play the original look during mornings. Maybe they can also add an afternoon time mode?

Do you think a nighttime mode would be a great feature during the Halloween? Do you want it to become a permanent feature in the game? What other features do you want this November 2015?

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