Clash Of Clans Update: New Gameplay, Rewards, Characters And More!

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Clash of Clans has become the most popular massively multiplayer online game in recent times and has given a ground-breaking rise in the mobile gaming platform. And now, the online video game has recently updated its gameplay and upgrades, according to Master Herald. Their new features will definitely pull in more fans continuing their brand of first-class gaming

Loot Collecting

The update has disallowed players from using lightning spells to steal loot of their opponents by destroying their elixir storage, Master Herald posted. Instead, they can use the spell to kill resource collectors and enemy troops, detailed News Every Day. Master Herald also shared that healing spells and lightning spells now take 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes while freeze, rage, and jump spells can be done in 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes.

Level 5 Dragons

?Clash of Clans? has also introduced the new level 5 dragon with Ton Hall level 10 players. But the cost of a level 5 dragon amounts to 8 million elixirs with a requirement of an updated laboratory, Master Herald stated. And although the cost of the level 5 dragon has gone up, level 4 dragons have been lowered to 6 million elixir, without the need of a laboratory, the website also said.

Trophy Dumping

To compensate for the gamers dumping trophies to gain an advantage from lower leveled players, Supercell has equaled the playing strategy by altering the ?Clash of Clans? multiplayer algorithms to prevent or penalize dumping on the platform, Master Herald shared.

?Clash of Clans? also celebrated its third anniversary on July 30 and as part of the celebration, the developers announced, in an official community website, that player?s can boost their resource collectors in a span of one week for a minimal cost of one gem, Yibada posted. ?Players will have until August 7 to take advantage of the one week boost,? the website added.

Supercell will also host its first ever ?Clash of Clans? convention that will be organized at Helsinki in Finland on October 24, Master Herald shared. Tickets are already available for the said event.



A new training button has been announced on the 2015 update. Users can train their army, create spells, and collectively view all that users have for attack, according to?Tech News Today. “There are also new visuals and sounds for troop selection. The training button is placed just under the attack button, while the mail button has been moved up under the trophies tab,” the website added.

Playing CoC is a great way of burning some extra time, but for those who want to get better at the game, you have to remember some strategies to constantly be impressive. Here are some tips and tricks to easily earn resources and preserve them without resorting to spending real money.

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