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Clash of Clans Update: Major Announcement At ClashCon Disappoints Fans? Release Date Still Uncertain, New Hero Art Contest Winner Announced

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Clan War Tournaments, workshops, and Supercell?s announcement of the major Clash of Clans update content was one of the biggest things players were eager for in the recently concluded ClashCon. The major Clash of Clans update announcement was undoubtedly something big, but numerous fans were disappointed as it was only geared towards those in the topmost part of the game. A staff of Supercell has recently responded to complaints regarding the announcement.

Damage Control

Supercell staff Anoushka refuted claims that they promoted ClashCon as an event where a big update announcement would be made, Touch Arcade reported. ?We never told players we would announce an entire update,? Anoushka said.

?Also, we never hyped and promoted ClashCon as the ?event where we would make a big announcement?, we promoted it as the first of its kind, bringing together Clashers from different countries, War tournaments, workshops, swag, merchandise, etc? The update news was a bonus to make things sweeter.?

Clash of Clans Update Release Date

Supercell?s David Collaros announced at ClashCon that they will provide bigger features than Town Hall 11, new defense, and new hero they announced at ClashCon. Sneak Peak videos will also be announced in the coming weeks, he said. There is still no concrete announcement when the Sneak Peak videos will be released. Anoushka said they still don?t have an estimated release date for the update, but he promised that they are working hard to release it as soon as possible.

New Hero

Only the silhouette of the new unnamed hero was shown at ClashCon and the amount of Elixirs required to unlock it. Supercell held an art contest for the new hero and the winner has now been announced. The silhouette of the new hero definitely looks like a mage and all the finalists? designs included a person holding a book and a staff. Will Supercell include some details in the fan art designs?

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