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Clash of Clans Update: How The Revamped Shields Will Disappoint Fans Who Aren?t Into Competitive Gaming

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Clash of Clans update

Supercell has now revealed that their major Clash of Clans update will revamp the shield system in the game. This tweaked shields mechanic will?encourages players to improve their village layout and keep on attacking other villages. But this may actually detract players who aren?t into playing Clash of Clans competitively.

Clash of Clans Update

Searching and attacking villages will no longer fully deplete your shield duration. Doing so will only lessen your shield by 3 hours on the first attack and 1 hour more on the base 3 hours for each succeeding attacks (3 hours first attack, 4 hours second attack, 5 hours third attack, etc). This encourages players to keep on attacking enemies to gain more loot and trophies. But this new mechanic will now make the atmosphere of COC feel more competitive.

There are a numerous?casual COC players who would prefer to play the game on short bursts by opening the app after every few hours just to collect resources. As attacking fully depletes one?s shield duration, some people prefer?to attack only when their shield duration is nearly zero. Taking advantage of the non-zeroing shield depletion when attacking is completely optional, however, some clans will surely pressure their clan-mates to take advantage of the new revamped shield system.

Tweaked Defense

Most players who aren?t into trophy pushing opt to place their Town Hall outside their base as getting it destroyed will net them a free 12-hour shield. For the defending player, letting their Town Hall go undefended is a nice trick as some would only destroy the TH, leading to barely any loss in resources.

This trick is no longer available in the incoming major Clash of Clans update because your free shield is now only dependent on the percentage of your village destruction: 12-hour shield (30% destruction), 14-hour shield (60% destruction), and 16-hour shield (90% destruction). If the attacker doesn?t deploy at least 50 percent of their troops, the player would not receive a free shield at all.

Those who don?t like to pour their precious hours into making a great village layout will surely get raided over and over again. This will surely frustrate those with weak defenses as their resources will constantly get plundered. Those who only enjoy upgrading their troops and spells might get turned-off as the COC update will force them to improve their defenses.

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