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Clash of Clans Update: Donate Spells, Attack Safety Zone, And More For The Incoming Major Patch For COC

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Having too much Dark Elixirs will no longer be an issue once the major Clash of Clans update rolls-out. Asking for troops will now include spells donation. Here are all the details from the latest Clash of Clans Sneak Peek.

Clash of Clans Update: Spell Donations

Players will now be able to donate earthquake, poison, and haste spells to their clan members. Spell Donations will only be available at Clan Castle level 4 which can be acquired for players with a Town Hall 8, Chief Pat said. Take note that you can only donate Dark Elixir Spells because there is only one spell donation slot available.

Get The Donations You Want

Players will no longer need to write long messages in their donations request just to receive the troops (and spells) they want. The latest COC sneak peak unveiled by Chief Pat shows exactly what troops the person is requesting for. This new feature also enables players to see the troops housed inside their Clan Castle. You can see how all of these will work out in Chief Pat?s video below:

Attack Safety Zone

Are you frustrated whenever you accidentally deploy your troops while you are scouting for villages to attack? According to Chief Pat, Supercell will now include an attack safety zone to prevent accidental troop deployments. The Safety Zone will be placed around the Next Button to prevent accidental troop deployment, Chief Pat said.

Bigger Village

Villages will now be enlarged from 40×40 to 44×44, Galadon said. Obstacles such as Halloween Cauldrons and X-Mas Trees that are touching the far-end corners that are touching the grass will be moved to the new far-end of the 44×44 village.

Longer Battle Time & Shorter War Preparation

To make way for the new changes being made in the game, battle time will be increased by 30 more seconds, Galadon said. This will help players have a bigger chance on getting 3 Stars using Dragons or hybrid troop compositions, he said. Clan War Preparation time will also be decreased from 24 hours to 23 hours.

More COC Sneak Peaks will be released by Supercell in the coming days especially as they have yet to detail the new TH11, new defense, and new hero. If you missed last week?s sneak peeks, you can click the following links:

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