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Clash Of Clans Update: Close Look At The New Defensive Structure In Town Hall 11

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Developer Supercell wowed numerous fans as they showcased the upcoming major Clash of Clans update at ClashCon in Helsinki, Finland. Among the forthcoming content shown were Town Hall 11, a new defensive structure, and a new hero. Many COC fans? interest was piqued with the new ancient defense as some felt worried that it might cause balancing issues.

But there are actually a few?downsides to the new structure. We detail below everything we know so far about this new addition in the upcoming Clash of Clans update.

New Defense Overpowered?

The design of the new defensive structure goes well with the ancient look of Town Hall 11. This new defense lowers?its beak to signal that it has already been activated and thereafter, it?drops laser blasts at enemies.

Although the new defense has a slow attack rate like mortars, it can deal a huge amount of damage to tank troops such as golems. It can even obliterate numerous troops at ease with its splash damage. It can also attack both air and ground troops.

No enemy troop will feel safe as its range can cover the entire map. The only area it cannot attack is around 5 to 8 tiles near it, somewhere between the range covered by a wizard tower and a canon.

Clash of Clans Update new defense

The white range is the area where it can’t attack enemies.


This new defense, however, has a few weaknesses. Firstly, it can only start attacking enemies once a certain amount of enemy troops have been deployed. Supercell?did not detail the exact number of troops required, however, it requires a ton of enemy deployed troops before it activates. The video shown at ClashCon revealed that it took 3 Golems and a couple more troops before it started attacking.

The new defense has a decent amount of hit points as the video shows that it took around 8 blasts from a level 6 wizard before being destroyed. This amount of HP however isn?t probably enough for some if their defenses aren?t well designed especially when you consider that it can?t attack enemies right away.

Veteran COC player?Chief Pat recorded a video?before ClashCon showcasing the new defense. In it, he notes that the radius of the splash?damage of the new defense is particularly small. Players can scatter their troops in order to save them from being slaughtered by the new defense, he noted.

You can see the new structure in action around the 26:00 mark in the full ClashCon livestream video below. You can also see Chief Pat’s in-depth look at the new defensive structure. For more COC news, stay tuned to TheBitBag.

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