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Clash of Clans Update: ClashCon Announcement To Include Game Changing Feature Like Clan Wars?

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Developer Supercell has teased a major Clash of Clans update announcement at ClashCon this October 24 at Helsinki, Finland and based on the updates released in the past, it looks like a new game changing feature will be announced. Here is why you should be excited for Supercell?s announcement at ClashCon.

Crucial New Features

The most recent Clash of Clans update made substantial changes to the game, however, it didn?t merit the ?major announcement? tag for it to be saved-up for ClashCon. According to Chief Pat, a COC veteran and a featured guest at ClashCon, Supercell?s upcoming announcement is ?groundbreaking? and ?crucial?.

According to Chief Pat, 2015 has yet to see a defining update that changes the way gamers play COC. We saw major additions such as Town Hall 10, Barbarian King, Archer Queen, and the introduction of Dark Elixir in 2013. The update that defined 2014 was Clan Wars as it helped make the game truly feel like a community where players strived to improve their game.

For this writer, the only notable updates released?this year is the Air Sweeper defense, the introduction of the War Tiebreaker, and The Dark Spell Factory which paved the way for the Poison Spell, Earthquake Spell, and Haste Spell. A new troop has yet to be released by Supercell this year.

What might Supercell reveal during ClashCon? Rumors heavily point to a new hero and a Town Hall 11. Also picking steam is the rumored Clan War Tournament feature where a tournament bracket system will be employed and the champion will win big loot bonuses. We also previously backed a suggestion that a nighttime mode should be made available for Halloween this year and if it is well-received by fans, Supercell should consider making it a permanent feature.

ClashCon will be held at Helsinki, Finland this October 24, 2015.

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