Clash of Clans Update Badly Needed As Irate Fans Demand Changes

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A new Clash of Clans Update is in the works. Last week, developer Supercell outlined some of the changes coming to the popular mobile game in the near future. The new features are seen as a direct response to negative feedback from players who were unhappy with the recent Town Hall 11 update.

Clash of Clans Update

Released last December, the Town Hall 11 update sparked outrage in the community for overhauling many of the game?s core mechanics. Much of the frustration among players can easily be seen on various discussion sites like message boards and Reddit. Reddit user Chief Chief_tyu writes:

?/u/ClashofClansOfficial does not seem to understand that people primarily play Clash in three ways: Farming (Base Building), Clan Wars, and Trophy Pushing. Every single update should give something to all three groups, and the impact to each group needs to be considered. History has shown that no player base wants to be told “this is how we want you to play.” When you do that, people just quit.?

One of the main gripes from players is the reduced war loot brought about by Town Hall 11. Another thread on Reddit outlines players? issues with the new system. ?It’s annoying to hit high lvl th9s and only get 490k where as before you could get almost 550k,? says redditor Chief iN00bt00b.

Supercell is now trying to remedy the situation with these upcoming changes:

?Introducing the new Star Bonus! Win five stars in Multiplayer attacks in order to win a daily resource bonus!

Housed in your Clan Castle, the Treasury is the safest place to store resources. Your daily Star Bonus and War Loot Bonus are automatically stored in the Treasury for safeguarding and only a very small percentage can be stolen.

Last but not least, we?ll introduce the Loot Cart. After your village has been attacked, a percentage of the stolen resources will be added to a Loot Cart in your Village. Once you collect the resources from the Loot Cart, these will be transferred to your Treasury for safeguarding.?

Will these fixes win back players distraught with Town Hall 11? We?ll have to wait and see.


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