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Clash of Clans Update And Release Date: ClashCon Announcement Was Only A Teaser For Something Bigger

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?There?s going to be a lot more than just Town Hall 11, new defense, [and] new content coming in the next update,? Clash of Clans server programmer Jonas Collaros teased after he presented all the major update reveals at ClashCon. Just what exactly could these updates be and when will they be released?

Clash of Clans Update

According to Collaros, they will be showcasing more new content in the coming weeks for the next major Clash of Clans update. He also said that this will be their biggest update ever released and the TH11, new defense, and third new hero was only a slice of what they will be offering.

?There?s going to be changes across the board. We?re going to be doing an extended sneak peek schedule in the coming weeks and we?re going to be going over all these changes, not just Town Hall 11 but many many more things. This is gonna be one of the biggest updates we?ve done to Clash, this is just one of the tiny things to it.?

Supercell might also be looking for more ways to shake the core-gameplay of the game as hinted by Collaros: ?At the clash team we?ve actually been taking a pretty hard look at the overall Clash of Clans experience. What it means to be a clasher. What it means to play this game.?

Sneak Peaks & Release Date

Supercell has yet to announce when the COC update will be released, however, Collaros said the will be doing ?sneak peaks? in a few weeks from now and based on what they did to the last update, it might be released sometime in November or early December. There were tons of sneak peak videos for the spell reworks and Clan Tiebreaker update during the week the update was released.

You can watch the full COC livestream below if you missed out on ClashCon. Collaros? announcement about more new features being introduced can be found at the 30 minute mark.

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