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Clash of Clans Update: 2-Week Sneak Peak Announcement Reveals New Village Guard, Shield Tweaks, And More

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Players only have a week left before they can feast their eyes on the major Clash of Clans update sneak peak videos as Supercell has now announced that the teasers will be rolled-out starting this November 23. Supercell announced that the update will be filled with content, hence, they will be releasing sneak peak videos for two weeks. Also revealed in Supercell?s announcement are a couple of new content that we can expect for the major Clash of Clans update aside from Town Hall 11, new hero, and new defense.

Clash of Clans Update: Not Just For Top Players

Supercell Staff Anoushka announced on the official Clash of Clans forums that they will be releasing sneak peak videos for two weeks because of the slew of content they will make available. Anoushka also said that those who are uninterested?or still unable to upgrade to Town Hall 11 will be pleased with the upcoming COC update. ?Even if you?re not ready to go to Town Hall 11, the coming update is absolutely packed with quality-of-life changes that aim to improve the way everybody plays Clash of Clans, every single day,? Anoushka said.

New Content And Tweaks

What new content can we see for the next update? Anoushka announced the inclusion of a new ?Village Guard? concept, however, not much details have been revealed about it. Here are all the new content and tweaks in the coming update per Anoushka.

  • Shields, including the exciting new “Village Guard” concept
  • Session timers and the Personal Break
  • Multiplayer matchmaking
  • League Bonuses
  • High-level Trophy calculations

Sneak Peak Plans

What can Supercell announce in two-long weeks? Anoushka revealed that they have already planned their topics for the sneak peaks. Here are the topics per Anoushka:

  • Shields- Part I: Attacking and Defending
  • Shields- Part II: The Village Guard and Personal Breaks
  • Matchmaking, Trophy Offers and League Bonuses
  • More Update Sneak Peeks
  • Town Hall 11- including a new defense and a new hero!

The major Clash of Clans update is rumored to be released ?in time for Christmas?.

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