Clash of Clans Tips: War Tiebreaker Included In New Upcoming Major Update, Destroying Building Now More Important, New Designed Walls

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Draws in Clan Wars will now cease to exist. A new Clash of Clans War tiebreaker system will be implemented in the next major update of the game. Here is how war tiebreakers will shakeup the next Clash of Clans update courtesy of Chief Pat?s sneak peek video.

Clan Wars Tiebreaker

Does the war tiebreaker mean there will be a sudden death match after the time ends? Well, not exactly. According to Chief Pat, whenever both teams accumulates the same amount of stars when the match time ends, the clan that has destroyed more buildings will become the winner of the match. This is because the percentage points of the total destruction on each enemy base will now be the deciding factor for tiebreakers in CW.

This means that players can?t just contend with luckily getting a two-star victory with less than 60 percent of the total destruction of the enemy?s base. This goes the same for those who barely reach 50 percent total destruction as they are contented with luckily breaking the enemy?s town hall for an easy one-star victory. This also means that players should now finish their CW attacks to ensure that they destroy as much structures as possible.

Chief Pat said this tiebreaker system is also a great solution for higher level CWs. ?We can finally get rid of those crazy war-locks especially for max Town Hall 10s where you see a bunch of two-stars across the board,? Pat said.

More Walls With New Design

According to Chief Pat, TH 10 can now hold 25 more walls or a total of 275 walls. The electric blue level 11 walls are also gone as the design now matches the look of your TH, Pat said.

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