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Clash of Clans Tips: How To Win Clan Wars Detailed At ClashCon

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Supercell gathered thousands of Clash of Clans enthusiasts at ClashCon to celebrate the third anniversary of their biggest mobile game. ClashCon wasn?t only about major announce reveals and Clan War tournaments, but COC workshops were also held in this huge one-day event at Helsinki, Finland.

Clash of Clans Tips

Veteran COC players took the stage to talk on how to win Clan Wars and while they admitted that it is almost impossible to win all your Clan Wars, there are a few tips?that can be used to increase your chances for a victory. Here are some of the most interesting tips and tricks they shared at ClashCon:

Army Composition: The panelists suggested that players should practice with different army compositions as they should deploy the necessary troops based on the base layout players will be attacking. You?ll surely want to avoid using air troops on army bases that are designed to defend against air troops and vice versa. ?Don?t be a one trick pony,? a panelist said.

Diversify: Clan Wars can be a mind game as players won?t know exactly where the traps are located in rival bases and you won?t know what the enemy?s Clan Castle troops might be. Most, however, stick with distributing the same troops (dragons are hugely popular) in Clan Castles. Some also opt to copy?other base layouts and this can put players at a disadvantage?as other clashers?may already know where your traps are.

Coordination: Everyone in the panel agreed that players should coordinate on which base each player should attack. It isn?t just a matter of attacking same leveled Town Halls but you?ll have to coordinate who should attack bases designed with either a ground or air defense layout.

You can watch the discussion for yourself via the full ClashCon video below. The panel discussions starts at 4:59:10

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