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Clash Of Clans Tips: Ensure Your Spells Hits Enemies, How To Easily Kill Clan Castle Troops

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Spells have been greatly powered-up in the latest Clash of Clans update and ensuring that they hit their mark has since become more important. Hitting clan castle troops, however, is fairly hard to do because they are mobile targets, thus, you could easily waste your limited supply of spells during a raid. Here are are a couple of Clash of Clans tips that will help you hit your mark.

Clash of Clans Tips: Don?t Look At The Troops

If you want to make sure that your spells hit airborne troops such as dragons and balloons, don?t look at the troop itself but at their shadows. According to Galadon, you can easily be fooled that your spells are hitting the 3-D model of the clan castle troop. Instead, you should look at the enemy?s shadow.

Looking at the shadow of airborne troops can help you pinpoint and adjust accordingly where to cast your spell. If an enemy?s shadow doesn?t hit the radius of the spell, then they won?t be affected.

Ensuring that enemy troops take the full blow of spells is crucial now that the Poison spell has been tweaked. The longer enemy troops linger inside the radius of the Poison spell, the greater the damage they gradually receive.

Easily Kill Clan Castle Troops With Spells

You can easily kill Clan Castle troops without losing too many of your own troops. You also don?t have to waste your troops just to lure them all the way to areas without enemy weaponry. Just spawn tank troops like goliaths or giants to make them spawn outside of their base. For far-flung Clan Castles, you can also use troops that disregard walls such as hog riders or airborne troops.

Once the clan castle troops have gone outside, easily kill them with either the poison spell or quake spell. If the enemy troops are air types, look at their shadows to ensure that you hit them with your spell. Failing to hit clan castle troops is no longer an excuse with this trick.

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