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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Town Hall 11 To Receive Level 3 Witch, Choosing Next Opponent To Attack Will Cost Less In Upcoming Major Update

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Clash of Clans sneak peek for major COC update

Supercell has now revealed their latest offensive troop addition to the game for their major Clash of Clans update. Supercell has revealed a new level 3 witch and she will now spawn more skeletons as revealed in the latest Clash of Clans sneak peek.

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Level 3 Witch

According to Chief Pat, the level 3 Witch will be available for Town Hall 11. The level 3 Witch will now spawn 5 skeletons at a time and will have a maximum of 10 on the map, Chief Pat said. In comparison, the level 1 Witch can only spawn 3 at a time with a maximum of 6 on the map, and the level 2 Witch with 4 skeletons per spawn with a maximum of 8.

Both Galadon and Chief Pat?s video demonstrates how the increased spawn of Witches can dominate enemy villages. More skeletons available for the Witches means more defenses being distracted in attacking the skeletons.The sheer number of the skeletons as well as their spread will probably have a huge advantage in attacking TH 11 bases that are equipped with the new defense.

Reduced Cost

Players will now be able to search for next enemies to attack with a lesser cost. Those at Town Hall 10 will see a reduced ?nexting? cost in the game. Both Chief Pat and Galadon did not specify the exact nexting cost in their Clash of Clans sneak peek.

Fans Not Happy With Clash of Clans Sneak Peeks?

Numerous COC gamers on Reddit haven?t been excited lately in the recent COC sneak peeks, Touch Arcade reported. Numerous users said Supercell has not been releasing enough exciting and substantial updates since this week.

Supercell has yet to showcase their new defense and new hero who are coming in the major Clash of Clans update. Here are all the sneak peeks that Supercell has released so far:

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