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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Shields System Revamped, Attacking No Longer Zeroes Shield, And No Free Defense In Destroying Town Halls In The Upcoming Major COC Update

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Clash of Clans sneak peek for major COC update

The first Clash of Clans sneak sneak for the upcoming major Clash of Clans update has now revealed that attacking other villages will no longer completely deplete your available shield and putting your Town Hall outside for an easy free shield is no longer an option. Because of these changes, the amount of shield time granted and deducted to players has also been tweaked. Here?s the full details on the first Clash of Clans Sneak Peek.

Keep On Attacking

Attacking other villages will now only deduct 3 hours from your shield time. Attacking more times will gradually increase your deducted shield time by 1 more hour. This means your first attack depletes your shield by 3 hours, second attack by 4 hours, third attack by 5 hours, and so on.

Searching for other villages to attack will not result to a deduction to your shield time. Clicking at ?revenge? but not executing an attack will not deduct to your shield time.

Defensive Shields Tweaked

Putting your Town Hall outside your village is no longer a viable trick to help you get free shields. The amount of your Town Hall percentage destruction is the only factor that helps you acquire free shields when you?re attacked.

  • 30% destruction = 12-hour shield
  • 60% destruction = 14-hour shield
  • 90% destruction = 16-hour shield.

There?s also a chance that you don?t receive a free shield at all even if you get wrecked by a 100% destruction. If the attacker doesn?t deploys less than?least 50%?1/3 of their full army, you will not be granted a shield at all. This means that you?ll have to toughen your defenses unless you want to be continuously raided by other players.

Take note that these changes will apply to all Clash of Clans players regardless of their Town Hall. A release date for the major Clash of Clans update has yet to be announced but it is rumored to be released in time for Christmas. This revamped shield system is just one out of the five ?Clash of Clans sneak peak reveals planned by Supercell. For more news about COC, stay tuned to The Bit Bag.

Source: Supercell


Supercell has now changed the deployed troop count number for defenders not to receive a shield. An attacker who deploys only 1/3 or less of their full army will not grant the defender a shield. Supercell considers a full army as the “maximum possible space of Army Camp and Heroes (weighted x25 space) of defender TH level”.

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