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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: New Hero Grand Warden Abilities Revealed, New Achievements, Healer Tweaked, And More For The Upcoming Major Update

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The recent Clash of Clans sneak peeks showcased by Supercell over the weekend has revealed the abilities of the new hero called Grand Warden. This new hero available at Town Hall 11 is significantly different from the Barbarian King and Archer Queen especially when it?s on defense. Here?s all the latest things you should know in the latest sneak peeks for the major Clash of Clans update.

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Grand Warden Abilities

The Grand Warden isn?t that strong because it only has a Damage Point Per Second (DPS) of 110 and a HP of 2,000. However, this new hero makes up for these shortcomings with a unique strong ability that significantly buffs other troops within a large radius.

The Grand Warden has a large ?Life Aura? passive ability and all troops inside it will have a large HP boost. This passive ability is available for both offense and defense. As shown in the sneak peek video below, archers last two hits against archer towers when they are affected by the ‘Life Aura’. Take note that this ability only affects troops, not defensive structures and traps (except skeleton traps), iDigital reported.

The Grand Warden also has an offensive ability called ?Eternal Tome? which grants invincibility to all troops within its radius. Troops inside the radius of the ?Eternal Tome? will not receive any damage, however, your troops can still die from spring traps. Troops inside the ?Eternal Tome? also have a chance to be healed.

When using this new hero on defense, the Grand Warden automatically turns into a statue as soon as the battle starts. This new hero can target both ground and air troops.

Like other heroes, the Grand Warden?s ability will be unlocked at level 5. He can only be purchased and upgraded with Elixir.

New Achievements

It looks like the name of the ?new defense? has been revealed as the new achievement ?Anti-Artillery? grants rewards for destroying ?Eagle Artilleries?. Another new achievement is ?Sharing is Caring? which grants rewards for donating spells.

TH11 Resources

The Storage Capacity for Town Hall 11 will be 2 million for both gold and elixir. Dark Elixir storage capacity of the TH11 will be at 20,000. The TH11 will have 6,800 HP.

Players can have a maximum of 10-million Gold and Elixir storage capacity at TH11. Dark Elixir storage capacity will still be at 200,000 Dark Elixir.

Healers Tweaked

Does your attack strategy in COC include deploying a strong troop and using multiple healers to keep it alive? Well, you might want to change your trick because Supercell will be changing things as shown in the Clash of Clans sneak peek. The effectiveness of a Healer will now be reduced when multiple Healers are healing the same troop.

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