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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Grand Warden Can Jump Over Walls As Revealed In Brand New Town Hall 11 Attacks

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The latest Clash of Clans sneak peek has revealed that the new hero Grand Warden can jump over walls and ignore defensive structures in order to support his fellow troops. This makes the Grand Warden the second ground troop after Hog Riders to have the ability to soar over defenses.

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Grand Warden

In Supercell?s latest sneak peek video as uploaded by veteran clasher ?Ash?, the Grand Warden was seen ignoring the defensive structures as he roamed around the base. The GW strayed-off the attacking path of both the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King as he went to an area with defensive structures. Instead of attacking the defenses, the GW just wandered as he veered to the leftmost side of the base and jumped to another wall to head back into action and support the two heroes.

This latest Clash of Clans sneak peek shows that the GW?s AI has been tweaked in order to prevent it from being stuck from walls. As previously revealed by Supercell, the GW will support a cluster of his fellow troops who have the highest amount of hit points and this was on full showcase in Clash With Ash?s video. Take note that the GW can be set to either air mode or ground mode.

There are a total of 3 new Town Hall 11 attacks in the new sneak peek video uploaded by Ash. The two attacks were foiled attempts while the third one was a successful two-star attack.


This tweaked AI of the GW will not entirely be beneficial for players. On the bright side, this tweaked AI means he will not mindlessly attack defensive structures that the players doesn?t want destroyed. He will also not get stuck from obstacles because of his ability to jump.

The problem with this tweaked AI is that he might veer off a path with defenses where he can easily be killed. The GW was lucky to have survived in the Clash of Clans sneak peek video because the other defensive structures were busy attacking the two heroes and it was only the Archer Tower that caught its attention. This is surely disadvantageous for the GW especially because he has a low amount of HP and it took only less than 3 seconds for the Archer Tower to deplete ? of the GW?s HP.

A release date for the major Clash of Clans update has yet to be revealed by Supercell. Here are all the sneak peeks so far:

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