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Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Village Guard Added And Personal Breaks Tweaked To Help You Defend Your Village Better In The Major COC Update

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In Supercell?s?second Clash of Clans sneak peek for the upcoming major COC update, they have detailed a new feature called ?Village Guard? that automatically activates to help prevent other players from attacking your village once your shield has been fully depleted. The Village Guard is a defensive feature that acts as if a player is online for a limited time, thus, saving a player?s village from being attacked by others. Here?s everything you need to know about the Village Guard and the tweaked Personal Breaks for the major Clash of Clans update

Clash of Clans Sneak Peek: Village Guard

The Village Guard freely activates whenever a player?s shield expires. Getting your base wrecked by less than 30% destruction will also automatically net you a free 15-minute Village Guard to help you re-arm your traps. The amount of time for the VG whenever your shield expires varies according to your League:

  • Champion 1 League and Below: Free 15 minute VG
  • Titan III League: Free 1-hour VG
  • Titan II League: Free 2-hour VG
  • Titan I and League Legend: Free 3-hour VG

Unlike shields, attacking with the Village Guard still active will not deplete or lessen the amount of time left in your Village Guard. You can also purchase an extra 2 hours for your VG everyday for 10 gems. Take note that the Village Guard is only available when your shield has been fully depleted.

Tweaked Personal Breaks

Before, playing COC non-stop for 6-hours will prompt a ?Take a break/Personal Break? notice that forces you offline. The new update now reduces the time to 3-hours of consecutive play-time without a shield before you are forced offline for 6 minutes.

Take note that 3-hour consecutive play-time for Personal Breaks only applies whenever your shield time has already zeroed. Purchasing the addition 2-hour VG will extend your Personal Break Time by 2 more hours. This allows you to play COC for 5-hours non-stop before the ?Take a break? prompt forces you offline.

The VG and tweaked Personal Breaks were introduced to complement the revamped shields system in COC. Supercell still has 3 more Clash of Clans sneak peek plans in the coming days. A release date for the major COC update has yet to be announced, but it is rumored to be released ?in time for Christmas?.

Source: Supercell

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