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Clash of Clans News: Player Spends $1-Million To Win Top League

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Do you habitually spend your money on Clash of Clans to hasten your upgrades, buy shields, or for purchasing resources? Have you refrained from spending real money in Clash of Clans and other free-to-play games? A clasher from Saudi does the former, albeit, this person went overboard by spending over $1-million in the game just to reach the top league. Here is the latest Clash of Clans news you should know.

Clash of Clans News

According to Business Insider, they heard a gossip from Engage London that a player has spent over $1-million just to reach the Legend League, the highest spot in the game. At least 5,000 trophies are required to reach the Legend League and players will be demoted to Titan I if they get less than 4,900 trophies at the end of the season. Being in the legend league has a perk of having the coveted Legend league badge as well as being able to get gold (250,000), elixir (250,000), and dark elixir (2,000) per victory during multiplayer village attacks.

How is Spending $1-Million Possible in a Free-To-Play Game?

Business Insider didn?t know how the player?s expenses accumulated over $1-million, however, they hinted that the person could have had multiple accounts like ?Jorge Yao?. Yao was the top player in COC player in 2013 and he admitted to playing 48-hours at stretch.

Yao reportedly plays COC 48-hours at stretch with all of his five COC accounts and he does his best to keep the game running at all times. He even brought all his gadgets to the shower just so the game doesn?t go inactive.? Yao spends $250 a week on COC for purchasing gems.

How is spending such a high amount on the game possible? COC isn?t really a pay-to-win game especially as the core gameplay was well developed by Supercell. Spending real money, however, definitely helps players reach the top leagues and if you spend a lot of cash, you can breeze through the lower leagues easily.

The currency in the game called ?gems? can be acquired by doings tasks in-game, and it can also be acquired by spending real money. Gems can be used to purchase gold, elixir, and dark elixirs. It can also be used to immediately finish developing structures and buildings in the game. It can also be used to purchase shields so you can?t be attacked by other clashers.

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