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Clash Of Clans News: Clasher Plays 16 Hours Daily, Can You Do The Same?

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Do you think your friend, family, or you yourself are addicted to Supercell’s Clash of Clans? Is their addiction affecting their lives? A certain clasher was able to max-out his base by playing 16-hours-a-day while not spending thousands of his money just to purchase gems.?He does all of this while working as a firefighter and studying. Below is the latest Clash of Clans news you should know.

Clash of Clans News

?Tyrael?, a 21-year old who studies fire science technology in New Jersey, works part-time as a firefighter, and studies for his associates degree in software engineering, has spent around 8,000 to 9,000 total time in playing Clash of Clans, ?Tyrael? told Business Insider. ?Tyrael? said he only spent around 25 percent of that time playing the game, as he only left the app open so he doesn?t get attacked by other villages.

?I ended up having to stay online 16 hours a day so I didn?t get attacked,? he told Business Inisdier. ?That become something I did on a daily routine.?

?Tyrael? is one of the first few players who fully upgraded their base and he was able to achieve the feat while spending only around $50 on the game (a nice achievement as someone reportedly spent millions in COC, although he will?have to spend more time in the game again as an upcoming major update comes out in a few weeks from now). While his expenses in the game isn?t too costly, he still wanted to capitalize from his great performance in COC.

?Tyrael? started livestreaming on both Twitch and YouTube as he partnered with Curse Entertainment just this September, enabling him to receive 90% of the ad revenue that his videos generate, Business Insider reported. A YouTuber can receive around $6 for every one-thousand views, and they can easily make around $675 if a video hits 125,000 views, the report added.

How does ?Tyrael? do all of these things? Well, he has never played COC while extinguishing fires. ?Tyrael? says that planning ahead and learning how to appropriately multitask is how he does all of these things.

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