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Clash of Clans March Update: What to Expect

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clash of clans update

Clash of Clans is set to receive a major March update from Supercell. The developer has released more details about what?s coming next with the Clash of Clans March update, and some fans? posts suggest that we can expect it in two weeks.

According to a leaked file shared by a Reddit user, Supercell is planning to add two Dark Troops, Rocketeer and Chain Lightning in Clash of Clans. No further information was revealed about the two classes.

According to the leaked file Clash of Clans, Troops discovered by the user are Rocketeer, Mini P.E.K.K.A. and Chain Lightning. The troops aren?t the final ones coming with the update as Supercell has not confirmed. Mini P.E.K.K.A. is coming from recently released Clash Royal. Supercell often uses placeholder names and the Chain Lightning can be one of them.

The user also expects several game balancing improvements that include, reduced training time and cost for some spells and troops, village layouts reset, and war win streak to be shown on Clan info screen. Also, Skeletons will no more trigger traps.

Changes in game character and building will be significant if Supercell confirms what the user noted. The characters Goblin and Hog Rider will see major changes with the March update. New upgrade time for both the characters would be 10 days and 14 days respectively, HP would be 74 and 535 and DPS would be ?52 and 118 respectively. Inferno Tower level 4 is 14 days which is similar to the level 3 upgrade.

According to the changes speculated by the user, a successful revenge attack will reward players with more league bonus, and new spell training time will be reduced to 20 and 10 minutes which is currently at 30 and 15 minutes.

Reports also suggest that Supercell will also add a level 7 Goblin, level 7 Dark Barracks, level 9 mortar, and a level 4 inferno tower. Supercell also released a statement saying that these changes may not be included in the actual update scheduled to arrive this month. On the official forum, Supercell confirmed that the developer is working on a new troop; however, it did not reveal the name of the said troop.

The Healer nerf is also expected to arrive in March with the next Clash of Clans update. The Archer Queen?s ?Queen Walk? will be nerfed, which means that the Queen Walks will come to an end. Supercell did not confirm nor deny the arrival of Healer Nerf; however, the developer said that the issue will not be addressed in the March update, although they will look into it.

Meanwhile, Clash of Clans is likely to get a better matchmaking system. The current system will be updated to deliver better matches and fights. The clans who lose in the game will now be able to pair up with the other clan. There will be some limitations, as the group with 30 wins will not be able to pair up with the group at level 8 with over 130 victories.

Clash of Clans fans can expect sneak peeks of the March update as Supercell will release it soon. Here?s Clash of Clans March update in a glance:

  • Defenses and War Base Optimization
  • Win-Streaks and Team Balance
  • Matchmaking calculations rebalanced
  • Team-versus-team compositional checks
  • Powerful, late-game defenses and troops
  • War sizes 35v35 and 45v45 are being removed

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