‘Clash of Clans? Major Update News: Get Refined Magic Spells, Lightning Bolts Now Cluster Together, Earthquake Spell Strengthened, And More!

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Supercell has given fans a sneak peek for the next Clash of Clans update such as the new level 7 lightning spell. Sneak Peak?videos on YouTube said the next Clash of Clans update will be big and more details will be announced at ClashCon. Here are the new COC features shown in?the sneak peak videos.

Lightning Spell

The sneak peak video shows that the level 7 lightning spell will be available at Town Hall 10. Level 6 lightning spell will now be available in TH 9, Clash of Clans Attacks’ Galadon said on his?video.

The bolts from the new lightning spell will drop more closer with one another, Galadon demonstrated on his video. This means that users must now be more careful and strategic with dropping their lightning spell to hit your target. Users can also use this to their advantage as it will now drop where you want it.

Whilst users can now accurately hit their targeted troops or structures with the lightning spell, the sneak peak videos shows that one out of the 6 lightning spells strays away from the close grouping of the bolts. The video shows that the direction where the stray bolt goes to is completely random.

Poison Spell

The poison spell has now been nerfed down so it doesn?t automatically kill troops with low HP such as archers and wizards, PlayClashOfClans Chief Pat said on their video. To make-up for the lesser damage of the spell, the attack rate of the troops who have been hit by the poison spell will be slowed down.

The poison spell also incrementally increases in damage as time passes by, Pat demonstrated. Dropping two poison spells in the same area also accelerates the cap damage faster.

Earthquake Spell

The Earthquake spell is now stronger and more useful as it is no longer based on the percentage of health remaining on the building. Earthquake spells can now also completely destroy buildings, Pat said.

Freeze Spell

According to Chief Pat, Air troops can now be frozen. This means that dragons and balloons can now be frozen to help prevent them from killing your troops and bide time for your troops to kill them.

Are you excited for both ClashCon and the COC update? ClashCon will be held in Helsinki, Finland this October 24, 2015 and you can find out more about the event here. You can also check our COC tips on how to maximize your resources and how to attack your enemies using dragons. You can also see?fun?facts from COC to help you know more about your favorite mobile game.

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