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Clash of Clans Major Update: New Heroes, Clan War Tournaments, And More Exciting Additions That Supercell Might Announce At ClashCon

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Players might see more than just new troops in the upcoming Clash of Clans major update. The recent Clash of Clans update brought improvements to the core gameplay and ensured that each fight in Clan Wars? or even just against enemy villages? was fair. Now that the playing ground has been evened, developer Supercell might release the meatiest update in the game so far as hype builds-up for their highly anticipated ClashCon where they will make big announcements.

What might Supercell announce on October 24, 2015 during ClashCon? Supercell has been mum on details regarding their upcoming COC major update. The only thing that we?re sure so far is that announcements will be made during their event as confirmed by Chief Pat. These are the rumored additions included in the upcoming Clash of Clans major update:

Clan War Tournaments

Supercell will surely spice up Clan Wars if rumors from Gottabemobile come true that bracketed tournaments will be added. This feature is even rumored to be used during the 10 vs 10 and 5 vs 5 tournament in ClashCon.

So how exactly will it work? According to Gottabemobile, instead of just searching for the next clan you?re your team will battle, there will now be a tournament bracket system so you?ll proceed to fight fellow victors or losers in the tourney. The champion will, most likely, receive big loot bonuses. This might be an optional feature in Clan Wars so you can still engage in regular wars.

Town Hall 11

In lieu of Supercell?s goal to make COC the game that ?people will play for years?, ensuring that players always have something new to do and accomplish is essential in order to keep their fans engaged. Adding a Town Hall 11 will boost the longevity of the game as new troops and upgrades would most likely be made available.

Of course, what would new things will accompany TH11? A level 8 barbarian was hinted by Galadon as a video shows his troop having flames around him, Gottabemobile reported. There is also a ?coming soon? label for your troops on dark barracks and Supercell might finally unveil one or two new troops at ClashCon.

Other rumored inclusions in the update are new heroes as well as new missions for the single player maps. Of course, if there will be additions in the game, new achievements must also be provided in order to make accomplishing things feel more rewarding.

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