‘Clash of Clans’ Major Update: Attacking Troops Go Farther To Kill Enemies, Lava Hounds Nerfed, And Everything Announced For The Next Release COC Update

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Sneak Peek videos for the next Clash of Clans major update has gone live on YouTube recently and we already know that magic spells have will be reworked. A new level design for level 11 walls and a Clan Wars tiebreaker have also been detailed. Here?s more of what you can expect for the next Clash of Clans Major update:

Kill Defending Troops More Efficiently

Felt frustrated whenever your attacking troops easily dies from your enemy?s defending troops? Supercell looks to be addressing the issue in the update. ?Attacking troops will now engage defending troops from further away,? Chief Pat?said. However, Pat was unable to test this game balancing feature and he expressed concern because your attacking troops might travel all the way inside enemy territory.

Lava Hounds

You?ll now have one less troop to deal with minions, balloons, and dragons. The troop which took?Supercell one year to develop, the Lava Hound, will no longer be capable of ?attacking air troops, Chief Pat said. Users have previously said that Lava Hound troops were over powered and this might be Supercell?s way of balancing the game.

Other Updates

Players in Titan II and III leagues will now be able to buy one week shields. Also, an army overview button will be visible in the Clan War map so you can be sure that you attack with your desired troops.

Pat said more updates will be made during ClashCon. You can see more on what to expect from ClashCon here. You can also check our tips and tricks on how to maximize your resources as well as our guide on how to attack with Dragons.

Are you excited for the update? If there are more announcements to come during ClashCon, you can expect to spend more time with the game, meaning Supercell is delivering on their vision for COC to be a game that ?people will play for years?. ClashCon will be held this October 24, 2015 in Helsinki, Finland.


The Clash of Clans update is now live! The update is mandatory so get ready to boot-up COC with all these new features.

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