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Clash of Clans Halloween Update Now Live, Rewards And Content Provided Feels Underwhelming

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Have you been expecting spectacular such as a nighttime mode or new weapons and defenses for the Clash of Clans Halloween update? The latest Clash of Clans update is now live, however, it doesn?t bring? new features to the table. Here is what the latest Clash of Clans update has.

Clash of Clans Halloween Update

The latest update this 2015 again brings back the 1-gem boost, however, it is only available for use on the spell factory. There will also be special Halloween Cauldron obstacles popping around your village and removing them will cost you 25,000 elixirs and you’ll be rewarded 75,000 elixirs once you have already removed them.

Take note that the COC Halloween special is only an optional update so you?ll need to head over and download it on your own. The update is now live on both the AppStore and GooglePlay.

What else is included? Sadly, the 1-gem spell factory boost and the Halloween Cauldron obstacles are the only new things included the update. There is also a nice looking Halloween-ish looking animation upon dropping spells. Last year?s Halloween update was a bit more substantial as it included Skeleton Traps, a 1-gem spell factory boost, and bonus elixir from headstone obstacles.

It looks like we?ll have to wait for ClashCon to see more features for the game and ClashCon definitely can?t come sooner as it?ll already happen on October 24, 2015. Developer Supercell has long been teasing about details being unveiled about a major update. Featured guest at ClashCon, Chief Pat, also said that something ?crucial? and ?groundbreaking? will surely be unveiled.

Among the best rumored updates are Clan War Tournaments, Town Hall 11, new troops, and heroes. We even backed a suggestion that a nighttime mode should be released for the game.? More new defense structures and new other features are certainly welcome.

Have you already downloaded the latest optional update? Are you content with it? Will you be attending ClashCon at Helsinki, Finland?

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