Clash Of Clans Hack: Tips And Tricks On How To Get More From The Game

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It?s hard not to get in the Clash of Clan (COC) hype especially when you have a lot of friends playing the game along with a ton of adorable advertisements filling the TV. It?s also easy to access the game because of the game?s free-to-play nature. Lasting in the game however is another story if you don?t receive tips and tricks early-on.

The success of Clash of Clash is undeniable because of developer Supercell updating the game constantly to ensure that their fans remain glued to the game.

COC has added numerous new features through time such as the famous Clan Wars mode and they have constantly given game balancing updates with the latest ones you can see here. Because of Supercell?s efforts to make a great freemium game, they received a total of $829 million in 2013 with the iPhone version alone earning $1.5 million a day, Business Insider and Forbes reported.

Why Do People Struggle With Clash of Clans?

In Clash of Clans, you play the game in real-time with real fellow players. When you attack other villages to acquire gold and elixir, the real player on the other end loses the resources you plunder.

Attacking villages is an easy way to earn loot, however, other players can do the same to you. This means that your hard-earned gold and elixir can instantaneously vanish if you don’t know what you’re doing.

As COC always gets updated, we give you the most updated best tip and tricks to easily earn resources and preserve them without resorting to spending real money:

Clash of Clans Hack: Tips and Tricks

1.) Don’t hoard your resources

The problem: The bigger gold and elixir you have, the bigger resources you may lose when you get attacked. This also applies when you are raiding enemies. A total of 20 percent of your total resources can be plundered when villages are being attacked (if your Town Hall is level 1-5).

According to?Clash of Clans Wikia, this is how much resources can be stolen based on your Town Hall level:

  • 1-5: 20%
  • 6: 18 %
  • 7: 16%
  • 8: 14%
  • 9: 12%
  • 10: 10%

What to do: spend your gold and elixir immediately on whatever you want to buy. Don’t let your resources peak to the max before deciding to upgrade or purchase new things.

2.) Don’t Upgrade Your Town Hall Immediately

The Problem: Numerous users?upgrade their Town Hall as soon as they earn the required gold. Some can’t even wait to fully upgrade their troops and defenses before leveling their TH. This is a big problem because you will become an attractive and easy prey for strong opponents as they can easily grab all your resources without much effort. This happens?because attacking lower leveled TH nets players lower loot while?attacking a higher TH level results in a bigger loot.

If you level-up?your TH without upgrading your base?enough ?it will be hard for you to attack strong opponents and you won?t get enough loot from them due to the TH loot rewards differential.

Users before opted to drastically decrease their trophies to remain at a lower league so they won?t be attacked by strong players. This also enables users to chance upon lower leveled players. This however is no longer a viable option as the game’s algorithms have been changed in the latest update.

What To Do: Don?t upgrade your Town Hall immediately even if the additional upgrades?you can purchase are tempting. Upgrade everything you have first before moving on.??If you think that you can easily fend-off your opponents by having stronger defenses, just think that you are just leveling your self with opponents as they can deploy stronger troops.

3.) Fill Your Barracks With Wall Breakers

The Problem: Look at tip #1

What To Do: You can easily “deposit” your available elixir by filling your barracks with excess troops. This reduces the available elixir in your village. Bombers are the most expensive troops that you can create without filling much of your troop capacity.

Make sure you always remove the excess wall breakers you’re making before you attack or you’ll end up filling up your army camp with them (I deeply regret the times this has happened to me).

4.) Join A Clan!

The Problem: You’re shy to join your friend’s clan or a clan with people you don’t know. Some people also do not want to join a clan because they don’t?what a Clan does.

What to Do: Don’t be shy to join a clan even if you don’t know anyone in it. COC is a Massive Multiplayer Online game (MMO) and you will surely be missing-out on many features if you don’t join a clan.

Why Joining A Clan Is A Must:

  • When Clash Of Clans introduced The Clan Wars (CW) feature, it made many people strive to improve their strategy in attacking and planning their base’s defense. This is because winning clan wars can easily make you earn gold, elixir, and even dark elixir.
  • All members included in the CW have two turns to attack. Each base has a fixed amount of resources that you can loot (regardless of how much resources they have in their village) as the value depends on how strong the enemy is. You can attack up to two times per CW and you can easily win all the resources even if you just land one star. If your clan wins, you get all the total loot from each base you defeat, but if not, you will only get a portion of it.
  • You can get troops from clan-mates to either defend your base or raid villages. The number of troops you can recruit depends on your clan castle capacity. There’s no other way to get clan castle troops aside from receiving donations from your clan-mates. Of course you should also donate your troops as a sign of respect.

5.) Put Your Town Hall Outside!

The Problem: You don?t want to lose to an attacker. You fear losing your trophies if your opponent lands a 1-3 star. The bigger problem however is losing all your hard earned gold and elixir when you are attacked.

What to Do: Put your TH outside of your defenses. Your opponent may easily get a 1 star win, but at least you get back a huge amount of shield time so you won?t easily lose out on resources. Based from experience, numerous players immediately attack my TH outside defenses either because they are too weak to attack my village or the loot they can get isn?t worth it.

?6.) Alternate Quick Upgrades and Long Upgrades

The problem: Upgrading weapons, defenses, and troops is fairly quick if you?re just starting out. This also applies for buying new weapons and defenses When you reach TH 4 and above however, some upgrades will take hours or even days to finish.

As stated in tip #1, you need to rid your base from as much resources as possible. Having few builders however is a big problem and this forces many to shell-out on gems or even spend real money to buy more builders.

What to do: ?It is important to ensure that you don’t deploy all your builders on doing long upgrades so your resources don’t fill-up.

You don’t need 4 or 5 builders in the game. When you reach TH 7 and above, you may not even know what to do with all of your?builders because the upgrades at those levels are too expensive already.

If you have two builders, make one do upgrades that take only a few hours to finish while the other one does those 1-7 days upgrade time. If you have 3 builders, focus on making 2 of them do quick upgrades. This technique ensures you that you?always have an available builder to lessen your available gold and elixir.

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